Do really Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai getting Engaged ?

Bollywood Actor Abhay Deol is all set to give his long time relationship with former Miss Britain, Preeti Desai, an official tag. They may soon tie the knot with his girlfriend if the latest news is to be believed. Reports say they they will engaged in a private ceremony. They have been planning this. “Preeti and Abhay are with each other around the clock, despite having separate addresses. There has been a death in the family (Dharmendra’s elder sister passed away) and that’s why they are not rushing their engagement. When the family overcomes the sorrow, Abhay and Preeti will exchange rings, maybe later this month or in June”, a reliable source said.
Both them do really gel with each other as if they are made for each other. “Abhay and Preeti have great compatibility. Both are impulsive, fun-loving people who love to travel and enjoy. They don’t have a big circle of friends and they like it that way,” the source added. This will be interesting to watch what they finally do.

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