Emraan Hashmi’s precautionary measures

Well it seems, that Emraan Hashmi nephew of noted director Mahesh Bhatt has taken extra precautions so that nothing is let out from the sets of his latest venture Raaz 3: The Third Dimension .Since the shooting for the climax scene has already begun Emraan is worried that secrets about the his latest venture Raaz 3: The Third Dimension will be out soon.

Mahesh Bhatt is Emraan’s uncle- cum- mentor but when it comes to safeguarding the interests for the film Emraan seem to be taking strict measures. Mahesh Bhatt had provided support to Emraan during his initial days in Bollywood but there is hardly any room for emotions.

Emraan feels that Mahesh’s constant habit of updating messages on Twitter might reveal certain aspects of the film’s climax. Raaz 3 The Third Dimension has certain elements of suspense which will keep the viewers glued to the movie. However Emraan feels that if the climax is leaked then the movie will lose its elements of suspense.

Emraan is looking forward to Raaz 3 and it also marks the home coming of Vikram Bhatt who produced the first movie in the trilogy. The movie Raaz 3 is a horror mystery which has Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi.

Vikram Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi are making all the necessary steps to ensure that nothing leaks out form the sets. Mahesh   has a presence on Twitter and tweets everything that he can lay his hands on. In the past Mahesh had let out certain facts about Emraan’s film which did not go down well with the actor. Emraan is taking no chances and has asked his uncle Mahesh Bhatt to stay away from the sets of his latest film.

Emraan remarked that the basis of any horror film is the suspense element and therefore  a need was there to keep everything under wraps.

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