Engagement on between Priyanka and Shahid

The on and off relationship between Shahid Kapoor and Priynaka Chopra has been keeping the headlines for some time now, making us all wondering if the two will make it in the end, or will they just get separated and forget all about each other.

A new rumor came out recently. It seems that Shahid and his love Priyanka are now engaged. For the most skeptical of our readers, the rumor has been confirmed and the couple is now very happy to be together. The rings were exchanged on New Year’s Eve, in Goa.

Many rumors went around that the two will not be spending New Year’s Eve together, but that proved to be false. Priyanka went to Goa to celebrate the holiday with her family and friends, but Shahid followed her, taking a break from the shootings of his father’s film, “Mausam”.

Of course, now the couple is denying all the rumors, but the fact remains clear for most of us. However, whether they will actually go through with the wedding, this is still a mystery.

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