Enough is enough, no apologizes any more to Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan’s enmity is not hidden, this we all know very well. It has started way back in 2003 when Vivek Oberoi had hosted a press meet where he put the allegations on the macho man of Bollywood (Salman Khan) of harassing his then girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai (who was the love life of Salman Khan before landing into the arms of Vivek Oberoi). The enmity had even turned worsen post the press conference. We got to hear many brawls, both stars taking their bodyguards along with them in public and the things like that. But the girl, who was the bone of contention between the two, left the two fighting each other and ultimately fetched another guy, Abhishek Bachchan to raise the love springs with him and eventually tied the knot with the junior Bachchan.

Vivek then at many occasions apologized to Salman Khan in public and at awards functions. As per reports, Oberoi has been doing so repeatedly but in vain since the macho man seems not to be in the mood of forgiving him.

Now the latest reports say that Vivek will never apologize Salman Khan from now onwards since he felt humiliation by repeatedly apologizing him.

The sources say that it was the silly mistakes on Vivek’s part to apologize Khan time and again. A close friend of Oberoi told the reporters that it was enough now, he would not go to apologize him.

The media approached Suresh Oberoi, the father of Vivek, and asked him for the comments on this issue. He denied issuing any comments on the matter.

Well, we hope to see both the stars in good relations and the day will come soon since for the girl, they fought each other and developed the enmity, has tied the knot with someone else.

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