Extortion threats to filmmaker Prakash Jha

The links between Bollywood and the Underworld have often been brought to the limelight by movies, extortion threats or other elements like sting operations, etc. No one actually comes to know when a movie gets taken over by the underworlds funds. But the case we are going to talk about here is something quite different but not uncommon. We have often come across filmmakers threatening each other over petty issues but this seems a graver one.

Renowned Bollywood producer-director Prakash Jha has been allegedly threatened for a huge ransom. The Bollywood great lodged an FIR against two filmmakers from New York. Prakash filed a complaint that the two filmmakers have been threatening him for an extortion amount of Rs 2-3 crore. He also says that there have been threats to his life.

Jha identifies the two New York based filmmakers as Pramod Bhanti and Devendra Singh. Both the NRI’s according to Jha have been sending him threatening e-mails and making him calls with extortion threats of Rs 2-3 crores. Rajendra Kane the assistant police inspector at Amboli Police Station also stated that the main reason behind these threats was a movie dispute amongst the concerned parties.

The FIR has been registered under section 384 which is meant for punishment for extortion and section 120B meant for punishment for criminal conspiracy against both the NRI filmmakers.

Kane added that back in 2004 Jha had planned a movie venture with the two filmmakers and had even prepared the script for that. Unfortunately things did not work out as planned and relations got sour.

“Jha claimed that he was paid 50,000 dollars (Rs 24.59 lakh) but he returned the amount after the project did not work out. For the past 2-3 months, he has been receiving e-mails and phone calls saying that he should shell out Rs 2-3 crores in cash and if he does not do so, he will be killed,” assistant police inspector Kane specified.

The cops also gave the information that a close friend of Jha residing in New York was also receiving similar threats.

It seems that the producer-director is been off-late in trouble with one issue or another. His last movie ‘Arakshan’ was also amidst a lot of issues coz of the anti-reservation stand it took. Let’s hope Jha gets rid of all these issues and gets to making some quality movies for the industry and fans.

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