Farah and Shirish do not communicate

New Delhi: Alright, so “Tees Maar Khan” was not as successful as everybody initially hoped it would be. In fact, in was a real failure. Big deal! After all this time, one would think it was all put behind and not spoken of anymore. Well, things are not exactly all right even now.

Farah Khan and her husband Shirish Kunder tried the best they could to get involved in several other projects, becoming busier and busier to keep their mind off the mess of their latest film and make it forgotten with a successful new flick.

“Joker” is their newest project, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar, and is literally grabbing all their attention and time. In fact, the two have no free time to relax or take care of their own issues, as husband and wife. They even forget to communicate with each other, even regarding the film itself. As Shirish Kunder said in an interview, Katrina Kaif will be performing with Sonakshi in an item number. Not according to Farah, however, who denied this fact.

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