Farhan at Koffee with Karan

Mumbai: The “Koffee With Karan” talk show had Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar present on sets for a sip of coffee and some gossip. Of course, Karan Johar could not resist and went on digging out some old secrets in the family. The duo formed by the brother and sister have spoken about their father during the show, but also about their stepmother, Shabana Azmi, and the relationship they shared.

According to a source, it is the first time that any of the two have ever discussed their family secrets. Naturally, Karan was sensitive enough when he brought up this issue in front of the two, and they started sharing some of their most intimate details, which they never have revealed before.

Karan asked them who was responsible for the equation shared today with Shabana, and they admitted that their own mother, Honey Irani, as well as Azmi have made their contribution to it. Shabana gave them their space and also plenty of time to build up a solid relationship, as Farhan himself said.

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