Female fan requests John for his sperm donation to be a mother

Mumbai: John Abraham is well in news and this man is who loves to stay on news all the time. The actor is also much followed by the paparazzi who are always after him grabbing the cameras to put the flash light on him. He is the real source for the news for publications and a spicy stuff for the tabloids.

Well, these days the actor grabs the news due to his movie ‘Vicky Donor’ which is all set to release and deals with the sensitive and taboo subject (in India) of sperm donation. John has been ardently advocating this matter of sperm donation since the day the promotional works have started off. This man now might start donating his sperms, as a female fan has asked him for the same.

This has been learnt that a female childless fan of John Abraham has requested him to donate his sperms to her so that she can be a mother. A tabloid publishes this report that says that a female married fan of Abraham has placed the request to the actor for his sperm donation since she is having troubles conceiving a baby. The report says that artificial insemination is the only way out for this lady. This woman is a big fan of John Abraham and she wants the sperm donation only from John.

She has also requested John to speak about this sensitive issue in public at government level at larger scale so that people get aware of it. The movie ‘Vicky Donor’ encourages the youngsters to come and help out the childless parents.

John has recently said that he is all set to donate his sperm since this is a noble cause but he says that it will be for purely humane and charitable reasons. As the actor has shown his interest in this cause, a famous fertility centre in Chandigarh has asked John for the same.

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