First Valentine’s Day for Vivek and Priyanka Oberoi

Mumbai: The newlywed Vivek Oberoi took some time off and managed to prepare a perfect moment for his wife. The two enjoyed Valentine’s Day alone, in their first lover’s holiday as a married couple. Vivek and Priyanka celebrated their day in Kerala, at a very romantic, candle light dinner, at night, on the beach by the ocean. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Not really. The two really did enjoy their first Valentine’s Day together, and appear to be just as happy as they can get. And how could the actor not shout out his love to the entire world? Or, in this case, post it on Twitter.

He shared with his fans that he has taken his wife away from their everyday routine. He was a bit nervous about the special night, considering it was their first and he wanted to make it really special. The two seem to be very much in love and seem to be enjoying each other’s company greatly. On Monday morning, they were both in Thiruvananthapuram, as he was the special guest of the premiere of the film “Given A Chance”.

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