Gul claims she is not to blame

New Delhi: Terrible rumors reached the ears of Gul Panag. According to the press, she is to blame for the turn that the marriage between Purab Kohli and Yamini Namjoshi took. Everybody believes that Gul is the cause of the couple breaking up.

Gul had refused to comment on the matter when the news of the separation first came out, but after she was accused, she thought it was time to clarify some things. She insists that she has done nothing wrong and claims that her family and all her friends, as well as the family and friends of Purab, know that their relationship is not the cause of the marriage ending.

A close friend reveals that Gul is very frustrated about being in the Bollywood entertainment industry, and that she is very upset with the development of the situation. She says that one cannot work on a film without having the personal life analyzed to all details and without rumors starting about what affairs are developing.

We do admit there are many rumors, but really now, almost all prove to be true in the end.

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