Gulshan Grover made to eat his own words as Salma Hayek denies working in his film

It seems that this time the ultimate bad boy of Bollywood Gulshan Grover is being made to eat his own words where he claimed that the Desperado beauty Salma Hayek will be starring along his side in the Hollywood  movie The Driver. Apparently Grover had claimed that more than 10 Hollywood celebrities will be featuring in the film along with the sensuous Salma Hayek.

But Salma Hayek’s spokesperson has denied these rumours as she clarified that Salma is not working in any such movie known as The Driver and nor does she plan to in the near future. Even Salma’s publicist insisted that these rumours had no base to them as Salma will not feature in any such movie.

When Gulshan Grover was contacted regarding Salma’s denial he expressed ignorance and insisted that the movie still features her and she will be a part of it. When asked if he has met her yet he brushed aside the question with a laugh.

Gulshan Grover has been in news recently as he shot for the ad for PETA where he supported their cause and asked people to stop keeping animals in cages. He insisted that animals had the same right as humans to survive and should be given complete freedom.


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