Housefull 2 – No Bikini Scenes

Mumbai: And the sequel to Housefull is here. And apparently there aren’t any bikini scenes! That will definitely disappoint a lot of young viewers, who usually expect some amount of skin show from Sajid Khan’s movies! Jokes apart, it is supposed to be a family movie.  The story revolves around the Father- Daughter relationship and friendship between four men. Considering the four leading ladies in the movie Asin, Jacqueline Fernandez, Zarine Khan and Shazahn Padamsee , the audience was definitely awaiting for some hot scenes from these gorgeous actresses. But Asin confirmed saying that there weren’t any bikini scenes as there was absolutely no need in the script for any of them to wear a bikini. Disappointing, but a fact… However, it will be a treat to see how Sajid Khan tries to make a family movie because some or almost all his movies have jokes that are adult. Come on! Don’t we all know that! The actors in this movie are Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, John Abraham and Shreyas Talpade. From the cast, I guess it becomes very clear of what we as an audience can expect from the movie. Leave your brains at home, and go watch the movie, and you shall be entertained! That should do.

No Bikini scenes plus the line of actors. Well, we as an audience sincerely wish that this movie isn’t a let down like some other Sajid Khan productions. That would hurt us. Well, sarcasm aside, let us just hope that too many cooks don’t spoil the broth.  Lets just sit back and wait and WATCH. 

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