Hrithik and Suzanne left Filmfare in anger

New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan and his delightful wife, Suzanne Khan, went together to the Filmfare, naturally. Theyr were very enthusiastic about the awards, but their state was not the same when they left the event.

The two were so upset when they left because Hrithik, who was probably expecting the world to fall down at his feet, did not manage to win, not even one single award. He was aiming high though, as he was almost certain that he will win the Best Actor award for his role in the film “Guzaarish”. However, he did not.

Duggu did not even wait for the awards to be over. He and his wife left right in the middle of event, almost immediately after Hrithik realized he will leave empty handed. He did not even want to talk to the press. Suzanne stated simply that in life, one gets what one does not deserve, and that she doesn’t see the logic in that.

Well, Hrithik, it is hard to face the facts: there are better actors than you are, out there!

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