Hrithik Roshan doesn’t appreciate Salman’s mockery

The nasty comment made by actor Salman Khan after the release of “Guzaarish” movie has upset quite a few in the Bollywood film industry. It is no secret that Salman said that the movie was not even viewed by dogs. This comment was not forgotten so easily. Actor Hrithik Rosnan took a stand and stated that does not like Salman’s statement. He is confident that the movie is a success in his way, and Salman should not criticize it just because he has a better success.

The well regarded Bollywood actor – Hrithik Roshan – also added that one should be more humble, regardless of the success. Furthermore the actor said he will not accept any bad talk against Bhansali, as he is an icon of the Bollywood entertainment industry.

Even thought the two of them are friends, Hrithik can stand aside without stating his opinion regardless the matter. He concluded by saying that this should be a time of love, and that he has already forgotten the insensitive comments made by Salman.

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