Hrithik Roshan upset with Ranbir Kapoor

According to the latest buzz in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is very upset with Ranbir Kapoor for spreading false rumours about him regarding a bike ad.

Now as it is know that Hrithik has been endorsing a very popular bike brand in India for the past seven years and has become a household name wherever that brand name is concerned. Apparantly Ranbir Kapoor has been roped in to shoot for a new product being put in the market by the company. But instead Ranbir has been telling his friends about how he has replaced Hrithik Roshan himself as the brand ambassador for that particular brand.

This has enraged Duggu who is usually very calm and composed. According to an insider, Hrithik is still the first choice for endorsing the brand name and Ranbir has been roped in temporarily. This does not belittle the stature of Hrithik and therefore he should not take it to heart because in the eyes of the public Hrithik still holds more charisma than Ranbir as his appeal is just limited to the youth.

This kind of a thing has happened before last year as well when Ranbir filled the void for an apparel brand which Hrithik had left in order to join its rival.


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