Ileana D’Cruz confident of making a mark in Bollywood with Barfi!

Ileana D’Cruz, the southern hottie, is very much impressed by the performance of Ranbir Kapoor in the movie “Barfi”. But the hottie is not at all worried by getting overshadowed by Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the Anurag Basu film. She says she was ready to act in the film as she had complete trust in the work and skills of the director of the movie Anurag Basu, and the way in which the characters are generally represented in Anurag’s films is very interesting, added the actress. So Ileana was never insecured about her role in the film, if she would have been insecured then she would not have acted in the film.

Ileana was hard saying, in the beginning, she was nervous to be a part of “Barfi” as the flick is very much different from the films she has done in the past. But as a debut movie in Bollywood, Ileana is confident about her performance in the movie. In Tollywood Ileana generally is seen doing glamorous roles, but for the hindi film industry she is not aiming at doing only glamorous roles in Bollywood movies. She wants to showcase her acting skills. The actress went on to say that just by doing intimate scenes and skin shows, she does not want to grab attention. She wants her audience to consider her as an actress first of all.

Well, Ranbir Kapoor is an infamous ladies man, so was Ileana D’Cruz at any point of time wary about it? A daring babe, Ileana replies that men cant scare her at all, so she was absolutely cool while acting in the film opposite Junior RK. She smilingly comments, her dear daddy is very intimidating, so nothing else can scare her. At least no other man can. She also says that while getting romantically linked with other celebrities can be good in one way, it can prove to be a hurdle in other ways. So she is thankful she did not get linked with RK at least. But Ileana thinks Ranbir is a brilliant star, and his performance has blown her away totally!

Not only in Southern films, we saw Ileana doing lip-lock scenes with her co-stars, even in “Barfi” we will see the diva locking lips with Ranbir. So how much marks will Ileana give Ranbir as a kisser? She says she concentrated only on the emotion, so it was not such a proper kiss, and therefore cant say about the kiss.

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