Imran and Avantika, honeymoon in Thailand

Mumbai: All the Bollywood celebrities have their minds set on one thing right now: the wedding of the moment, starring Imran Khan and Avantika Malik. All the rumors revolve around the two, and now we have something new to share with you all.

The chocolate boy if Bollywood will take his bride for a long and lavishing honeymoon in the exotic Thailand. The two will be leaving this Tuesday, but guess what? They are not leaving alone, as one would thing, they will be accompanied in their trip by no less than 50 guests.

We were very shocked to hear this news, as we were all thinking that the couple wanted to spend some alone time as a married couple, not accompanied by 50 guests.

Immediately after the wedding, the two lovers went to the house of Aamir Khan, Imran’s uncle, has in Pali Hill, to spend a couple of days alone before departing for Thailand.

And the celebrations for the two do not end here. Aamir Khan will host a grand reception party when they arrive from their honeymoon.

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