Is Sharuhkh Khan coming out of the closet?

The King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan is a presence all TV show presenters and producers would want in their show. Apparently, there are more reasons behind this wish than one would imagine. Shahrukh Khan might be keeping secrets which could be starting to come out.

When invited at the Jonathan Ross show, very famous in Britain, the actor was a very enjoyable presence. SRK behaved exemplary on the set. Just a couple of days ago, photos showing the King behind the scenes at this chat show present a not so exemplary behavior. He appears to be kissing a man. How this came to happen, nobody knows. Is seems that the man kissed by SRK is none other than John Barrowman, also a guest of the show.

Fans have trouble believing this could have actually happened, as it was not telecast. No recordings of the so called event were made public, and there was not comment on any side. Does Shahrukh Khan have a secret he doesn’t want reveal, or was the snapshot a fraud?

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