John almost marries Genelia!

No it is not a hoax report but an incident which took place on the set of Anees Bazmi’s next movie Force. And it is true that had John and Genelia been not stopped by a member of the shooting crew they would have been declared man and woman according to Hindu customs.

Apparently the duo were supposed to shoot a wedding scene for the movie where the two of them were supposed to take the mandatory seven pheras. Now the priest who was called to conduct the ceremony was not aware of the concept of “cut” and “action” as he took the wedding ceremony rather too seriously. He had almost made the couple take all the seven pheras before the crew member realized and stopped the shoot. The priest was not too happy about the interruption but when explained the concept of a shoot he understood his mistake and shared a laugh with the production crew.

According to the sources John and Genelia burst out into laughing as they realized the misunderstanding and thus the tension was lifted from the sets.

The production crew made sure that no religious sentiments were hurt as they explained the priest of the concept of a shoot.


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