Juhi Parmar: Bigg Boss winner answers some Rapid Fire questions

Bigg Boss 5, anchored by actors Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, has just come to a close with telly actress Juhi Parmar running away with the trophy and the whopping sum of Rs 1 crore. Even as the joyous victory sinks in, Juhi is facing an array of questions from the media personnel as they focus their cameras & mikes on the lady of the moment. Here are some interesting anecdotes & thoughts shared by the all-smiling lady:
Q. What do you plan to do the first thing now that you are out of the claustrophobic house after spending 98 days inside?
Juhi’s Answer: Juhi breaks into a smile and discloses her puppy love. She states that she has already met her family and is now yearning to meet her pet dog. She plans to give him a bear-hug (or should we call it a doggy hug) the moment she walks into her home.
Moral of the story: Every dog has his day……!
Q. What does it feel like now that you have won such a big title?
Juhi’s Answer: On hearing the question, Juhi expresses her delight in abundance and takes us through the final moments of the grand finale. She recalls with a nervous shudder that she was literally shaking with her heart on her mouth as she stood on the stage waiting for Sanjay Dutt to announce the winner. She wasn’t expecting to win though she was extremely proud of the fact that she had come thus far in the show.
Moral of the story: People often win when they are least expecting it.
Q. What were some of your memorable moments inside the house?
Juhi’s Answer: Juhi says that she really cherishes all the happy moments spent with Pooja Bedi who has become a close friend now. She also fondly recalls the moment when Akashdeep (whom she fondly calls Sky) confessed his brotherly feelings towards her. And finally, she also remembers how a few minutes spent in the Bigg Boss’s confession room on Christmas Day lifted her mood completely.
Moral of the story: Juhi perhaps takes back more happy memories from the house than any previous winner has ever done.
Q. If not you, whom would you have liked to see as the winner?
Juhi’s Answer: Juhi gives her vote to Sky (Akashdeep) because he made it to the finals. Besides, she also pips in for her good friends Pooja Bedi, Sunny Leone and Raageshwari.
Moral of the Story: That’s the end of the rapid fire round. All is well that ends well.

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