Kangna looking to scandalize

New Delhi: Well now, things are getting interesting for Kangna. The latest buzz is that the actress will be getting a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Kangna has not found true love yet, but is still single and looking for the one. So, then, where the idea of the tattoo, and whose name will it be?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the actress is only doing this for her latest film, “Tanu Weds Manu”. Her tattoo will be a temporary one, made on the upper part of her breast. It will appear in a scene where she is to pull her kurta down to let the tattoo be seen.

The tattoo is made with henna. The actress has already done several until now, and will probably get some more done, so that the scene will be shot completely and perfectly. Apparently, Kangna has agreed to this to scandalize her co-star, with whom her family wants her to marry. She is desperately trying to get out of this arranged marriage.

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