Karan Johar turns nasty against Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai: They both were good friends and they both claim to be the same still but either one of them betrays the other or both betray each other since there is certainly something wrong between the two that the rumors have been coming out and even direct nasty comments have started hitting the scene now. Well, we are undoubtedly talking about the two biggest personalities of Bollywood trade – Karan Johar and Priyanka Chopra. You all have been reading a lot about their silently growing enmity which is now starting to appear letting the world know the hidden facts behind the curtain.

Karan Johar lashed out at Piggy Chops on twitter in response to an article published on Tuesday in the renowned and well circulated tabloid Mumbai Mirror. The article shows the comments of Priyanka Chopra’s unnamed friends defending her position in her alleged love affair with Shah Rukh Khan.

Johar sternly passes the comments on Piggy Chops on twitter, saying, “Using the hired PR mechanism and friends to get your news published in tabloids is nothing but weak-willed and lame. These people have to wake up to smell the Koffee. You need to grow up. No need at all to mess with integrity.”

Chopra’s close pal also discloses to the tabloid that there is a powerful filmmaker-director who is the one who has the potential to make or break the careers has not been much kind to Priyanka Chopra in her absence. The friend also tells that the superstars’ wives are against Priyanka and they all create the anti Priyanka stories all the time at parties and gatherings. The friend adds that if they are insecure about their relationship with their husbands, they have to sit and settle with their husbands at home – why they attack at Priyanka?

Guys, wait to see what Priyanka’s reaction to Karan Johar’s malevolent comments against her.

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