Karan Johar won’t forgive Siddharth

Karan Johar seems to be one of those people in the industry who is friends with everybody worthy of being friends with from ShahRukh Khan to Ranbir Kapoor and Kajol to Deepika Padukone. Southern sensation Siddharth, who made a mark in Bollywood with his intense and brooding performance in ‘Rang De Basanti’, has however stepped on Karan Johar’s foot and is not about to be befriended or forgiven it seems.

These days everybody is on to some form of Social Networking and it so happened that both KJo and Siddharth happen to be a part of a socio-micro blogging website.

Now, it so happened that a fan of Siddharth informed him that he felt that the actor somewhat resembled director and talk show host, Karan Johar. This comment however was not taken as a compliment by Siddharth who wrote back asking the fan to get his eyesight checked and even suggested that the fan should get himself a pair of glasses.

Karan Johar understandably took offence and tweeted back to Siddharth saying “Didn’t know I looked that bad Sid! Apologies!”. In an effort to do some damage control, Siddharth immediately apologized and even praised the director. Karan though does not seem in the mood to forgive and forget.


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