Kareena and Rani to red light area

Mumbai: In only famous red light area in Mumbai is the “Kamathipura”, where the flesh trade business happens daily. The red light area is always under cover, but the government has always been aware of the businesses going on in kamathipura. However, no legal actions were ever taken to fight the situation.

Well, everyone knows about kamathipura, and the Bollywood celebrities are no exception. The latest buzz is that Aamir Khan, who is going to start the shootings for Reema Kagati’s next project, plans to take his two female co-stars in the film to the area.

Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee are the two lead actresses in the film, which is not entitles yet. As we heard, one of them will be playing the role of a prostitute. Aamir is a very realistic person, and wants the film to come out just right, so he decided to take the two in Kamathipura, so they can prepare for their roles.

The two actresses are completely against this idea, and not they are trying hard to change Aamir’s mind.

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