Kareena Kapoor agrees to bed with Arjun Rampal in Heroine

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor, who always says strict ‘no’ to intimate scenes with her costars since she only is available to do these sequences  with her beau Saif Ali Khan, has now said ‘yes’ for the steamy sequences to Madhur Bhandarkar for his film ‘Heroine’. Well, as per the reports, Kareena has agreed to be steamy with costar Arjun Rampal in Heroine. She is now going to bed with Rampal in the film.

Initially when Madhur and Ronnie Screvwala asked her for the required intimate scene with Arjun Rampal, she instantly had said ‘no’ to both. But later the efforts were made to make the actress agreed to do the scene, she eventually said ‘yes’. The producers took the sigh of relief. When asked Madhur Bhandarkar about Kareena’s saying ‘no’ for the steamy scene, he says that all he would say Kareena is a professional actress and she knows her responsibilities.

The arrangements for the sequence are now being made and as per the schedule, the scene would be picrturised on both the stars on March 20th. A five star hotel’s room has been booked to shoot the scene where Kareena will first puff the smoke away and drink alcohol and then finally land on to the bed with Arjun Rampal. Kareena is in talks with Madhur about the scene and he has given her the trust that the sequence would be shot aesthetically. Kareena Kapoor has also been given the surety that there would be only three people in the room in addition to Kareena and Arjun. And these three people are also required to sign a contract of confidentiality.

Well, lets’ wait and see Kareena getting steamy with Arjun Rampal in bed once the movie hits the screens. Has Saif given her the permission to get steamy with the costars in movies? Seems, he has!

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