Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy again makes the round of web

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy rumors had triggered up some time back when she was spotted with a little grown up baby bump at the Mumbai airport. She had then turned down all the rumors. Well, they are rumors in actual. There was nothing like pregnancy. Now again Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy rumors made the rounds of the web and the media when film director of Heroine Madhur Bhandarkar posted the pictures of Kareena in which she was spotted with a tiny baby bump.

The pictures went viral on the web and when the viral spread hugely, Madhur then made the clarifications saying that it was a fake baby bump which was done for a scene for Heroine in which Kareena will be shown as pregnant. Well, what Madhur wanted by showing off the photos to the masses over on twitter was pretty clear – film’s publicity. He succeeded in getting the same. Well, the micro blogging site and the social media work big time for instant and mammoth publicity for anything. And the Bollywood fraternity takes full advantage of the same.

Madhur is quite busy with his much ambitious venture titled ‘Heroine’. Initially he had to shelve the movie after Aishwarya Rai got pregnant. It was shocking for Madhur since he was not informed that Aishwarya was pregnant when she signed the movie. He came to know when A,itabh tweeted to fans about Ash’s pregnancy. But thanks to Kareena who said ‘yes’ to Bhandarkar and he then took the sigh of relief. Kareena too has been a bit of problematic for Madhur as she initially refused doing intimate scenes with Arjun Rampal, which were the requirement for the movie but later agreed when a five star hotel was booked and only few crew members were taken for the shot.

Kareena Kapoor got much impressed by Vidya Balan’s performance in Ekta Kapoor’s The Dirty Picture that she too now makes plans to doll up the risqué sequences in Heroine in which she plays a role of a much glamorous heroine.

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