Katrina and Ranbir met in Delhi

Delhi: The past few weeks, the couple Katrina and Ranbir had been present in all of the gossip columns. They distance between the two B-town celebrities has been constantly growing. But now the super stars are once again close to each other. As everyone already knows, Katrina Kaif was a bit upset with Ranbir for his growing affection for Nargis Fakiri, his co star in Rockstar.

However the two lovers met in Delhi, where Ranbir was present because of the shooting of his movie production. At that time the Bollywood super stars made the decision of talking and after a while they managed to sort things and finally got back together.

According to the insiders, the actor was very busy in Delhi as he was filming for the project ‘Rockstar’ alongside Imitaz. He had been there for over a month. Kat on the other hand was not able to join him until now due to her prior commitments. As she found an opportunity she hurried to Ranbir’s sister’s house to see the actor.

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