Katrina forgives Ranbir, will Ranbir respond?

New Delhi: Katrina Kaif has broken off her relationship with her loved Ranbir Kapoor, over the marriage issue. However, she has had the time to cool off and now appears to be ready to forgive him. It seems that the actress is truly in love with Ranbir, and all the bad feelings are left behind now.
Nevertheless, the problem for why they had broken off in the first place is still there. Katrina still wants to get married, but Ranbir is not ready. One of them has to make a compromise, and Katrina is ready to make it now. She even apologized to Ranbir and she is ready to give him a second chance, if only he responds by giving up his Casanova nature (that’s going to be tough!)
A second reason for their break-up in that time was the proximity between Ranbir and Nargis Fakiri, who stars opposite him in the film “Rockstar”. Ranbir has been seen socializing a bit too much with the newcomer, fact which Katrina did not like.

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