Katrina Kaif slips into Ranbir Kapoor’s home

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, though are the ex-flames, but in actual they seem to be reuniting as they have begun dating and seeing each other quite a lot. And their secret meetings flaunt off the truth pretty well. Both try to keep their meetings secrets but they cannot hide them from the paparazzi who are after them to get the spicy gossips.

Well, Saturday night was filled with true dating pleasures for the lovebirds. This is what happened that Ranbir was invited at a private screening of the sequel to Gangs of Wasseypur which was conducted at Ketnav studio in Bandra. He watched it with his director friend Imtiaz Ali, ex-flame Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. Guys, nothing of any sort happened there between Ranbir and Deepika, they just watched the show and left to their homes.

Ranbir came to his residence Krishna Raj situated at Pali Hill that was just two minutes drive from Ketnav Studio. He reached at home around 1:30 a.m. Minutes after his arrival, Katrina Kaif landed at Ranbir Kapoor’s home in her Audi and parked inside Krishna Raj’s gate. Instantly the babe came out and slipped inside the house and her driver instantly drove back the vehicle to Katrina’s residence at Guldev Sagar. Then the party time continued there between the two lovers – Ranbir and Katrina at KrishnaRaj.

Although they are ex-lovers apparently but their entire secret meetings show something else. They are making the masses and the media stupid but the media and the people are well aware of what is being cooked inside all these gossips which are actually the facts.

They have reunited but what is happening with Salman Khan’s front. She is widely seen with him and his family and their meetings too show off that they have reunited. This babe is simply very clever.

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