Katrina Kaif’s new lush home visited by both Salman and Ranbir

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif, the very gorgeous babe of the Bollywood trade, is all the time high on heels. She is among those beautiful babes of Hindi cinema who are not only gorgeous but very talented. Kat is the central attraction of the paparazzi who are all the time after her to grab the news chunks and gossips. Her personal life is what not only media but also the masses are interested much all the time. What is happening behind the closed doors of Katrina Kaif’s home is what is scanned by the paparazzi.

Kaif’s seeking a home in Mumbai was well being covered some time back and now it is confirmed that she has bought her a lush home in the city. The sources claim that she had bought it quite some time back but had been keeping it a secret. But the milky beauty could not hold it secret any more since the macho man hit her space recently.

It is Salman Khan from the film industry who came to her abode first. Her ex-flame Khan loved her lush house. Then the very close friend and ex-lover Ranbir Kapoor came to see the house. Ranbir hurriedly skipped from the place before paparazzi reached there. He instantly came out and sat in his car and slipped away from the scene. Although paparazzi reached there late but the sources out there saw him arriving and leaving the house.

The house Katrina bought is in Lokhandwala, Andheri. It is being said that Katrina’s family is living there currently.

Katrina these days are found getting close to both Bollywood men – Salman and Ranbir. But it is not yet clear with whom she is dating. Kat has turned much smart now that she now easily dodge the media. Well, it will soon be out with who she is dating presently.

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