Katrina not first choice for Sheila Ki Jawani

Mumbai: We have seen some great, some mediocre and some really bad things over the years in India. But that has nothing to do with the profits the films brought in for the producers. In the case of the highly awaited and later much debated film “Tees Maar Khan”, the film was a complete disappointment and a brought little profits for the producers.

However, one person was really satisfied with the results of the film. Katrina Kaif had an amazing number in the flick, “Sheila Ki Jawaani”. In this number, the actress appeared really hot and created many controversies. Since then, she is the new Bollywood Size Zero Queen.

Well, we have come across some information lately. The first choice for the lead role in the film, and thus for the item number as well, was not Katrina, but Priyanka Chopra. She and Farah Khan made a good team together in the past, and wanted now to join hands again. But Priyanka couldn’t accommodate her schedule to fit the film in.

Bet she’s regretting now!

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