Kiran Rao gets sick when filming her husband in intimate scenes

Mumbai: The debutant director Kiran Rao seemed quite content with her first film, “Dhobi Ghat”. However, the media was all over her regarding the intimate scenes that went on in the film, as the lead actor was none other than her husband, Aamir Khan.

In the film, the actor was supposed to have some hot scenes with the two leading actresses, Kriti Malhotra and Monica Dogra. The scenes, however, were anything but hot. In the trailers for the film, the audience could se Aamir caressing Malhotra’s toes, while in another promo, he was dancing closely to Dogra.

Kiran even admitted, in the end, that she felt disgusted when filming the intimate scenes with her husband and another woman. Aamir, on the other hand, insisted on having more such scenes.

The director highlighted that the love scenes were only intended to show the emotional connections between the characters in the film, pointing out that there are no sex scenes, absolutely nothing steamy.

Now, Kiran says she might add more steamy scenes in the film, but only if the script demands it.

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