Lara Dutta cried at her wedding

New Delhi: Actress Lara Dutta and the ace in tennis Mahesh Bhupathi have exchanged their vows in Goa, in a small ceremony with their families and friends from Bollywood and from the tennis world. During this very special moment, as she was walking down the aisle wearing a white dress and packed with heavy diamonds, Lara could not take it and simply broke down.

After their touching vows, in which they both promised to stick by and support each other in their toughest moments, and love each other until they die. Very touching indeed. Bhupathi was the first to say his vows. When it was Lara’s turn, she had a good start, but in the middle of them, the actress broke into tears and simply couldn’t stop, knowing she was living the most important and emotional day of her life.

At this moment, Mahesh put his arm around her immediately and tried to calm her down. This is one of the sign that makes one think about true love and what it makes people feel.

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