Lara making efforts for her career and marriage

New Delhi: Lara Dutta is now enjoying the most beautiful period of a marriage: the beginning. However, it is not very easy. The actress has to make efforts to make the marriage work, and she was not fully aware of this when she made the big step.

A balance must be kept between career and home, and Lara is finding it hard to keep them both satisfied. She is enjoying very much simply being married, but she cannot understand how the celebs in Bollywood make balancing a successful career and a happy marriage seem so easy. She believes that whether speaking about one or the other, it is all about doing something one likes and requires putting serious efforts to make it work, so it is only more difficult to make double efforts for two different areas.

Lara and Mahesh are married for less than a month, so at the moment they are still enjoying being together all the time. However, Lara is already stressed about the future. She is currently involved in the making of “Don 2” with SRK, with “Chalo Dilli” and the promotion of her fitness DVD.

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