Liz Hurley congratulates Shane Warne with a kiss

Jaipur: The important match between the Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore was won by the latter, fact which made Shane Warne extremely happy. And he was not alone in his joy, as he had his lovely and famous girlfriend to share his happiness with. Liz Hurley has come all the way from Hollywood to be with her lover, and the two were spotted in a very passionate moment, just after the match ended. Shane and Liz were seen kissing in public, as she was congratulating her boyfriend for the great victory.

It was a very important match for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in their way to the IPL, and Elizabeth Hurley was keen on being present to support Shane Warne and cheer on for the team.  And she proved good luck for them, as she waved the RR flag and cheered at the top of her voice.

The Hollywood actress seems to be enjoying very much her stay in India, as she was seen wearing a blue RR jersey and jeweled bindi on her forehead.

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