Madhuri fell in love with Shriram’s dishes

Mumbai: Madhuri feels the need to confess some of her feelings in front of the press from time to time. This time, the famous actress and dancer talks about why she fell in love with Shriram Nene.

The doctor appears to have significant culinary skills. Actually, one of the main reasons why the two are now married is that Madhuri cannot have enough of the doctor’s prepared meals. She herself loves to cook, but admits she is not very good at it, and that Shriram does most of the cooking in their house. The “dhak dhak” girl loves to eat, though.

The actress returned to the B’town recently, after a lengthy sabbatical. Once she got back, she got the idea she wanted to make herself some homemade food for the residents of the city. Madhuri wants to cook for her close friends as well, especially for Rani Mukherjee, and she would love to make some vegetarian recipes for Shahrukh Khan. This is mostly because she believes that SRK is sweet, and will not tell her how awful her dishes really are.

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