Malini Ramani to Star in Sunburn -The Movie

Delhi: Malini Ramani, an A grade designer and famous for being involved in the Jessica Lal murder case is now taking a plunge into the tinsel town. Yes, you heard it right! The Delhi based designer who is famous for her bold designs and styles the only designer to collaborate with a shoe brand. Off late, she associated with the leading footwear brand in India, ‘Bata’ and started designing shoes for the company. Her designs range from being bold, vivacious to strong and feminine.

Though she was happy about the portrayal of her character in ‘No One Killed Jessica’, which was based on the Jessica Lal murder story, she still had discomfort watching the film as it transcended her to a flashback mode. But now she is finally making her foray in Bollywood. Her debut film is tentatively titled, “Sunburn-The Movie” where she plays the role of a psychotic bride. Not only that, she is so occupied with her role that she was noticed dancing on stage at Sunburn in front of 30 thousand people, that too in a bridal gown, completely being her brain child!

In another scene, she was shown talking to her dead husband, sitting beside his grave, as if she’s speaking to him over the phone. When contacted, Malini confirmed to be apart of the film. We can just wish her good luck for the film!
May you reach the zenith coz we know you can!

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