Mallika Sherawat cracks Antonio Banderas and his wife’s relationship

California: Mallika Sherawat’s dirty dancing pictures with Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas made the rounds of the media and on the web around two months back when the Cannes Film festival was going on. The pictures were viewed by the people around the world. Many gossips generated and were adorned in the tabloids. Both were clicked dancing when they were on the billionaire Paul Allen’s yacht during the film festival. Now these pictures have created havoc in Antonio’s married life.

Yes, the cracks have happened in the relationship of Antonio and his wife Melanie Griffith. When the Cannes Film festival happened, Melanie stayed back home in Los Angeles and did not accompany her husband to Cannes. During the festival season, both Mallika and Banderas were spotted getting cozy and intimate at various coffee shops and clubs. The buzz about their cracked relationship got into limelight by the time Antonio’s wife Griffith was spotted shopping at a mall without wearing her wedding ring.

The sources reveal that the rift into the relationship took place when Melanie came to know about the dirty dances and her husband’s closeness to the Indian actress. She also saw the pictures and the visuals.

Mallika Sherawat’s stylist friend Ivan Bitton comes up defending her uttering that Mallika is not at all responsible for the crack in Antonio and his wife’s relationship. He goes on mentioning Antonio was supremely attracted to Sherawat and he went on grabbing her from the behind and took her into dancing. He adds videos show it all.

Both husband and wife still have not separated but Melanie has opened the doors for him provided that he shows the signs of saving marriage. Mallika Sherawat is in the US these days and she still makes no comment at all on this issue and makes silence.

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