Mallika Sherawat finds herself a Godfather in Hollywood!

According to the reports emanating from Hollywood, Bollywood bomb shell Mallika Sherawat has found herself a Godfather in William Keenan who makes sure she attends the right parties and hangs out with the who’s who of Hollywood. This is the main reason why a virtual nobody like Mallika Sherawat got the entry into the exclusive party circuit of Hollywood and has been seeing with the famous celebrities.

William Keenan is a veteran actor who was last seen in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Friends with Money and is also known to produce O.M.C and Waiting. According to a source, “Mallika has always been comfortable with older men, than men of her own age, and William is in his fifties and fits the bill. He is well-known in LA and is helping her get a break there with his contacts.”

Also Keenan is the main reason why Mallika likes to spend her time in LA more than Mumbai as he runs a production house himself which has been associated with Mallika’s Hiss and Barack – Politics of Love. He even got Jennifer Lynch to produce Hiss which failed at the box office be it Hollywood or Bollywood.


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