Mausam, a script of controversies

Mumbai: Another film is being produced, and of course it must provoke a controversy. This time, it is Shahid Kapoor’s turn to make a controversy through his film. The flick, “Mausam”, did not have to be released to start some nasty rumors.  

It is no news for any of us that the director of the film is Pankaj Kapoor, Shahid’s father. At the side of Shahid, co star is the actress Sonam Kapoor. But that’s pretty much all we know about the film. Except for the role Shahid plays, as an Air Force pilot.

But let’s get back to our problem now, shall we? Nawman Malik is the cause, an old friend of Pankaj. Nawman came with a problem. It seems he was the one to narrate the script of the film for the first time, to Pankaj, and said he wanted to cast Shahid in the lead role. Pankaj put him off under the pretext that he had to take it over with Shahid, and never came with a final answer.

What is the story of the film? And who wrote it?

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