Nana Patekar turns down offer for “Household”

New Delhi: Nana has been offered a great, big deal for a new movie, and we would have all expected to see him star in the flick, right? Well, not quite. Nana declined the offer, and the reasons for this refusal still remain under question.

The latest buzz says that Patekar turned down the offer because he has other plans, like to star in his scion’s film. For this film, he chose to turn away from the tempting offer to have the lead role in the film “Household”.

A reliable source, close to the actor, stated that Nana’s son, Malhar, wishes to become an actor himself, and he is now getting ready for his big debut. For the first role of his son, Nana wants to be the director of the film. The film has also been written by Nana, as he wanted to be part of the entire process of making the film.

Apparently, the film is set to go on floors in April this year, and the actor, recently turned director, could not be more excited about it.

Guess that’s a good enough reason.

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