Neelam Kothari is the culprit behind Shah Rukh and Priyanka’s avoiding each other

Mumbai: It is much vivid that Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra have started avoiding each other wherever they bump into each other. Even at Shah Rukh Khan’s bash post Don 2 release, Priyanka was missing and almost all others were present there. Shah Rukh and Piggy Chops were good friends and even had a lot of fun together. But as they say, a guy and a girl can never be friends’. The philosophy seems to be fit on both Khan and Chopra. And the rumors started emerging on the scene.

But who was behind this gossip mill? Well, it is none other than Neelam Kothari, who is a party queen and yesteryear’s actress. She is Guari Khan’s best buddy and she injects this air into Guari’s ears. And you know what can happen when the suspicious wife like Gauri is filled with gossips. Result: Khan and Priyanka are no more friends and even are not on talking terms.

Whether there was love between them or not, the fact of the matter is that they are no more friends now. Even two days back at Farhan Akhtar’s birthday bash, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri came across to Priyanka over there, they just greeted each other and slipped to respective corners.

Priyanka was after thoroughly to grab the person, who was spreading all these gossips and finally she captured her. She came to know through her sources that it was Neelam. She directly did not ask her anything but conveyed her message to Neelam through friends. Kothari tried to call Piggy Chops but she did not attend it as she was not interested at all in talking her.

Neelam then issued the statement that she could not do this to her friend’s husband and she also mentioned that she shared a good rapport with Priyanka as well.

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