Neil Nitin Mukesh and his passion for Asin

Mumbai: Maybe many of you may not have expected this, but these day it seems that Neil Nitin Mukesh has turned into quite a promoter force for actress Asin. As rumors have it, Neil has started to discover quite the friend in the person of Asin and he started to say it to almost everyone around. He even proposed her to act with him in his upcoming film production by Ravi Chopra. In fact he insisted that Asin should act alongside him.

And that is not all that we have to report, as it appears that the two Bollywood super stars have been spotted dinning together on several occasions, and not in any places, but in the finest restaurants in Mumbai. A source told us that the both Neil and Asin looked very comfy one with the other and really seemed to be getting along. We can only wait and see if this is a really friendship relation or will turn out to be more than this, but only time will tell.

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