New Year resolutions shared on Twitter

We have heard many weird New Year Resolutions so far, but how many noble resolutions are there? The Bollywood actress Diya Mirza has one of the noblest ones, that is donating blood on a regular basis.

On Monday, the actress posted this wish of hers on her Twitter page, just after wishing everyone to have a good day at work.

Sophie Choudhry started in year in a rather unpleasant way. A nasty cold took control over her, the actress announces on the micro blogging site Twitter. She crossed in the new year performing in Bangalore, in spite of her state of health.

Sophie now only wants to get healthy.

Another New Year’s resolution comes from Abhishek Bachchan, who is not satisfied with his body and wants to shape up and sweat more at the gym. We do appreciate this wish, but we do hope you will keep up on it!

Abhishek posted on his Twitter page that he already began training, and the 1st January saw him sweating off in the gym.

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