No SMS for Sonakshi from “Sheila”!

The latest among the extremely sensationalized ‘Kat’ Fights in B- Town is rumored to be between the super sexy Katrina Kaif and the latest among the star kids Sonakshi Sinha, the daughter of the iconic Shatrugan Sinha.

Sonakshi who has been riding high on the blockbuster success of her debut film, opposite none other than Salman Khan, ‘Dabangg’, has supposedly been gloating about having replaced the lissome Katrina in a couple of Ad campaigns. She has reportedly even gone on record to claim that she has replaced Katrina ‘Sheila’ Kaif in some films as well.

Sonakshi though has a different story to tell. She has sent Katrina a text message as a peace offering clarifying her non-existent hand in these stories churned out by the rumour mills. But, it seems that Katrina is not in a forgiving mood right now as she has not responded at all. Sonakshi does not think the no-reply mode is intentional though. She says, “I don’t think so. She could be travelling or could be super busy. I’m not jumping to any conclusions. I’ll still wait for her reply. I have made myself clear.” when asked whether Katrina not replying is a sign that she is still angry.


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