Onir facing molestation accusations

Mumbai: A newcomer in Bollywood has started some upsetting rumors. Young actor Yuraj Parasher made his debut in the film “Dunno Y…Naa Jaane Kyun”, the script of which was based on a story involving homosexuality.

Considering the fact the film was far from being a hit, and that the actor had no offers after the film was released, Yuvraj went to the famous director Onir to ask him for some work. When he came out, the actor did not announce he had a new job, but revealed some shocking news!

Yuvraj claims that he was sexually molested by the director. Onir denied any such manifestations, and is very upset and offended with the allegations. We have heard news that the sensitive director is now filling up a defamation case against the Bollywood newcomer, rightly.

It seems that the two spoke on a social networking site, when Onir invited Yuvraj with a CD of his work to the director’s house. Instead of being grateful that he may finally get some work, Yuvraj came out with this shocking accusation.

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