Passengers on board get crazy seeing Vidya Balan and beau in plane

Mumbai: Vidya Balan and her beau Siddharth Roy Kapoor, the CEO of UTV Motion Pictures, have taken the budget class to reach at their destination ‘Goa’. Their romantic breaks from the workloads hardly make news but this time around their taking the economy class made the headlines of the publications and the tabloids.

Well, this is what happened that they (Vidya and Siddharth) were to go to enjoy the exotic locations of Goa and to get at there, they took the economy class with common passengers rather than fetching in the seats in plane’s business class. The moment they entered into the budget class of the plane, the passengers got really surprised seeing the Bollywood top notch actress among them and that too on budget class. Well, they did not leave the stone unturned to bag the opportunity gifted by their luck and they all started clicking the pictures of Balan.

Initially for some time, she apparently smiled at the gestures but when the matter worsened, the actress took the initiative and asked the passengers to stop clicking the pictures. All acknowledged her request and sat down quietly but one guy never wanted to leave the opportunity and stayed with his art of showing him as the clever photographer. Vidya angrily asked him to stop. The guy then stopped doing so with fear in eyes and even went on showing the actress his mobile to let her see the pictures were deleted.

Vidya said the passengers that she wanted privacy. But the question hit the mind if she wanted privacy then why did she choose to have the economy class of the plane? Well, guys…it is obvious this is what she wanted (the attention of the passengers) and liked checking her worth among the passengers on board. Hey babe…be careful, next time.

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