Possible reconciliation?

Is Ranbir Kapoor repenting on the decision he made of breaking up with beautiful Deepika Padukone? Rumor has it that the two have been seen together lately, and eve that Ranbir came to Deepika’s door in the middle of night. Is that really the case? It would seem kind of silly of Ranbir to go running to Deepika after the scandals that went on lately in magazines and on TV. Deepika will probably not comment anything on the matter, as she announced through a friend after the latest scandal, when she appeared on “Koffee With Karan”.

Sources say that Ranbir went to her place in an attempt to talk to her, but was stopped by the guard. Not managing to convince the guard, he turned back and left. It seems this scene took place two months ago, and Ranbir asked Deepika to allow him to go up and explain. He added that he was sorry. He went up, they talked and he left after about an hour.

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