Priyanka and Shahid: finally over?!

New Delhi: Well, Priyanka is still upset with Shahid, and it seems that Shahid is giving up on trying to win her back. Yes, this is the end for the highly discussed relationship between the two. There seems to be no room for any reconciliation between Priyanka and Shahid. It seems that their problems go deeper, to their different ideologies about love and relationships. Their many fights over time only made things worse.

Prianka seems to be so angry, that she did not even feel the need to bother calling Shahid or at least sending him a text message to wish him “Happy Birthday”, after missing the big day. The latest rumor is that Shahid eas expecting her to arrive until the last minute, but she was away and had no intentions of making the effort to flight to Mumbai. Even after she returned to India, she did not talk to Shahid, though he tried in various ways to get through to her.

Now, Shahid gave up sending her presents, flowers and even text messages, as she even did not even answer his calls.

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