Priyanka and Shahid, quarrel on Valentine’s Day

Mumbai: As the fabulous day of St. Valentine has passed by, lovers are more united and happier than ever, one would think. However, this was not the case for the actress Priyanka Chopra and her lover, actor Shahid Kapoor. The two planned to spend their time celebrating appropriately, but it did not turn out the way they had wished.

The two fought terribly, and it seems that reason for this quarrel is that they did not find the time to spend the holiday together. The busy, crazy schedules the two have did not allow them to find time to relax and celebrate together.

Shahid was in Bangalore that day, while Priyanka was away in Malaysia. The couple had an awful fight over the phone, shouting and screaming at each other. But as they usually do, Shahid and Priyanka let things settle down and are now back together, enjoying each moment they have together.

Shahid flew to Mumbai as soon as he could, leaving his father’s film behind, and Priyanka took the first flight to India.

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